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Seo optimization of the Dance School - Artefix Digital Agency

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Seo optimization of dance school

Seo optimization of dance school

Client: Dance school "FreeDance" in Almaty

The date: 25.03.2018


A task: Make SEO optimization and increase traffic

Optimization results:

Solution: We did SEO optimization of the site.

Outcome: Increased site traffic by more than 2 times.

Term: about 15 days

The date: March 2018

At the first stage, we collected a semantic core, made pagination and ordered selling texts for all landing pages. We also added a number of new courses for which there is a demand and there is a teacher at the Freedance dance school.

The site did not have any major technical problems, as past developers tried to make at least minimal optimization. We have finalized internal optimization, added it to directories and catalogs, and made micro-markup for the main pages.

Result: more than 2 times increase in traffic from search engines.

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