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SEO website promotion

Website promotion in search engines is the most profitable and reliable way to attract targeted traffic. We will increase your sales, the number of calls and orders from the site by bringing your site to the TOP-10 of Google and Yandex.

We eliminate all the shortcomings that prevent you from becoming a leader
First results - from 3 weeks to 4 months
Own web development department and free site technical support
Monthly report on the growth of positions, leads and website traffic
Work is carried out on the maximum number of requests

The optimizer will analyze and tell you what is wrong with your site in 15 minutes.

Need SEO promotion? But you don't know...

  1. What source of advertising will bring more profit and sales?
  2. When will you get the effect of SEO promotion?
  3. How to control SEO and get the desired result?
  4. What is spent cash?
  5. How to cut costs to advertising and attract more leads at an affordable price?
  6. How to choose the best SEO optimizer?
  7. What guarantees will you receive with SEO promotion? Are they even possible?


Are you already disillusioned with the services of the previous contractor or with SEO promotion in general, because you invested money for 3, 5, 12 months and DID NOT GET THE REQUIRED RETURN?

What result will you get?

1. Get more leads and sales from search engines

In SEO, you don't pay per click, it's complex. If you take the TOP 3 for all queries, stop paying for SEO services (SEO) website promotion, you will stay there until the competitors become better, or the ranking algorithm changes.

2. You will see the effect  from SEO promotion from 3 months

You can make an assessment of the potential of the site and forecast indicators. Such an analysis should take into account the age of the resource, the size of the market and the possibility of increasing visibility in search engines.

3. You can control the whole work process

Before starting work, we will draw up a plan for the month, coordinate it. Within a month, we send the TOR to the programmer for approval, the link strategy, the analysis of the site elements and other reports. At the end of the month, you will receive a report on traffic, positions, applications, indicators with statistics, and a plan for the next month. You can check all the statistics yourself.

4. Any stage can be paid separately

The structure of work on the promotion of the website includes, depending on the tariff:

  • optimizer time;
  • the time of the programmer implementing the improvements (if the Customer does not have a programmer);
  • buying links on quality donor sites;
  • ordering content for the promoted site.

5. How to choose the best SEO optimizer?

Pay attention to the following signs of a good optimizer:

  • asks to agree on something or check the reports (texts, developed structure, changes in the site design, semantic core);
  • ready to answer any questions regarding the promotion of the site and its effectiveness, confirming it with facts and figures;
  • will not offer to fill the site with meaningless content, insisting on uniqueness. Quality useful texts are just as important as the technical component;

6. You will receive a plan of targets by KPI

At the start stage, you can make a media plan of targets for the established KPIs (positions, traffic). It can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of the strategy, the promotion budget and understand the benchmark for achieving results.

Order an SEO consultation on the site

It's completely free and does not oblige you to anything.

In the shortest possible time you will receive:

Free analysis of your website

We will point out what errors are present on the site that prevent you from getting customers from search engines, as well as give recommendations on how to increase traffic to your site.

Recommended words for promotion

We will find all the phrases on the subject of your site in order to attract the maximum number of potential customers.

Individual (not template) offer

We will form a promotion strategy, taking into account the specifics of your business, write out a plan and stages of work for several months in advance.

SEO promotion cost:

Depends on the theme of the site and the amount of work. Below are the options for tariffs, taking into account the work of an SEO specialist, programmer, copywriter and designer.


We recommend it to those who have a new site and need optimization and preparation of the site for active promotion.

152 800 ₸


Ideal for small sites with low to medium competition.

248 400 ₸

We have 6 rates for monthly SEO website promotion on a turnkey basis for a different budget and with a different amount of work. Leave your contacts and we will send you a work plan for each of the tariffs.

Our methodology for SEO website promotion:

We compare your site with the leaders in the search for your topic and develop a comprehensive strategy

Engineering works

Eliminate barriers to loading and indexing

Quality content

We write texts that will appeal to both search engines and people

Correct requests

We select requests that will bring the maximum number of customers

A complex approach

We are developing and promoting websites. If the current site categorically does not meet the requirements of SEO promotion, we will transfer the site to a new CMS

SEO website promotion cheap
Optimal Structure

We improve the structure of the site, create the necessary sections and pages

Required links

We spend no more than 20% budget on links

Usability Analysis

We make the site user-friendly and find conversion killers

Regular analytics

Every 3 months we review and, if necessary, adjust the strategy

Order a technical and SEO site audit

Audit cost 40 000 tenge 28 000 tenge

This is a separate service and can be ordered separately from SEO. This audit will help you to establish the quality of the technical setup of the site and evaluate the qualifications of your specialists.

Indexing and crawling pages

- Resources with status code 4хх/5хх (correct scripts, images, addresses, etc.)
- Inspection of robots.txt and sitemap settings

Website adaptation for mobile devices
Checking redirects

- Mirrors
- The presence of duplicate pages
- https settings
- Redirects 301, 302
- Canonical

Site performance

- Determination of page loading speed
- Development of recommendations for correction

Coding and technical factors

- Code validity research

Content check

- Average uniqueness of content on the site
- Setting up meta tags
- Selection of titles
- Image optimization

SEO promotion results:

Monthly reports

Every month you receive a detailed report on the work done and the growth dynamics of your site.
Our job is also to show you clearly, understandably and in an accessible form what we do with your site to achieve results.

Reports include:

Positions, traffic, conversion, what was done during the reporting period, what work is planned to be done next month, general conclusions and recommendations for the further development of the site.

Examples of reports:

Our certificates

What results will you get?

High positions in search engines

Icon - site without errors during seo promotion of the site

Website without technical mistakes

Icon - new pages for seo promotion in Almaty

Lots of new pages for all target requests

Useful functionality (search, filter, navigation)

Complete SEO site optimization

You have new clients

An updated client base

Icon - convenient site

Improvement the convenience and quality of the site

Picture of the pages of the online store of paintings

Order SEO (SEO) optimization or website promotion

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