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Seo promotion of a portal to search for lawyers - Digital agency Artefix

Digital agency Artefix

Seo promotion of a portal to search for lawyers

Client: Portal for finding lawyers in Kazakhstan

The date: 01.04.2020


A task: Increasing positions in organic search results

Optimization results:

Outcome: 73% requests in TOP 10, 18% requests in TOP 3 

Promotion period: about 5 months

Region: Kazakhstan

Competition: high

At the first stage, we connected the site to statistics systems, collected a semantic core, made pagination and ordered selling texts for all landing pages. Also added a number of new pages for which there is a demand.

The site was new, so there were a lot of technical issues that the programmers were fixing.

We also compiled a link strategy for every 3 months, with a gradual increase in the budget.

Bottom line: an increase in traffic from search engines by more than 6 times due to SEO promotions.

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