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Создание и настройка контекстной интернет-рекламы в Яндекс Директ и Google Adwords

Digital agency Artefix

Creating and configuring contextual advertising в Google Adwords и Яндекс Директ

We will set up ads for you according to the questions of your customers, which will lead visitors to your site. We will select suitable queries, compose conversion texts, and in the future we will develop the most effective bid management strategy.

We stand out from competitors and implement your USP in advertising
Professionals with certificates and experience of 5 years
Free maintenance of contextual advertising from 1 week
Monthly report on CTR, conversions, negative keywords and completed work
Work is carried out on the maximum number of requests

A marketer will audit your advertising campaigns for FREE and find weaknesses.

Do not know...

  1. What contextual advertising?
  2. How does it work contextual advertising?
  3. How to make context advertising effective?
  4. How to choose the best marketer?
  5. How many applications will  per day and at what budget?


You are already disappointed in the services of the previous contractor or in paid advertising in Google and Yandex in general, because you have been investing money for 3, 5, 12 months and DID NOT GET THE REQUIRED RETURN?

What result will you get?

1. Fastest way to attract potential customers

These are ads that are displayed based on search queries, interests, and user behavior. You pay directly for clicks. 

2. Contextual advertising works according to the auction method

Contextual advertising is chosen by companies that want to quickly increase the number of orders for their goods or services. Here the auction rule applies - those who offered the best bid receive impressions. 

3. Yandex Direct and Google Adwords  based on one simple principle:

If your advertising campaigns are effective (high CTR), then you pay less money per click. An effective ad will help you get more traffic while reducing your visitor acquisition budget.

4. How to choose the best marketer?

Pay attention to the following signs of a good optimizer:

  • asks for something to agree or check reports (semantic core, ad example, negative keywords);
  • ready to answer any questions regarding the promotion of the site and its effectiveness, confirming it with facts and figures;

5. You will receive a forecast applications and budget for the month

At the start stage, you can make a forecast of the number of applications per month. It can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of the strategy, the promotion budget and understand the benchmark for achieving results.

Book a free consultation

It's completely free and does not oblige you to anything.

In the shortest possible time you will receive:

Free analysis of your website

We will point out what errors are present on the site that prevent you from getting customers from search engines, as well as give recommendations on how to increase traffic to your site.

Recommended words for promotion

We will find phrases on the subject of your site in order to attract the maximum number of potential customers.

Individual (not template) offer

We will form a commercial offer, depending on the specifics of your business.

How is contextual advertising set up?

We compare your site with the leaders in the search for your topic and develop a comprehensive website promotion strategy

We study the target audience

Only interested users should see your ads

We select low-competitive keywords

Helps to significantly reduce the cost of one targeted action

Analyzing advertising campaigns

Your direct competitors

We carry out remarketing

We know an effective way to return a client to the site. If the visitor has not completed the target action, then with the help of banner advertising he is reminded of your site

Set up main and intermediate goals

Correctly specified advertising objectives help to evaluate how effective the campaign is.

Choosing the right landing pages

If the page where the visitor gets after clicking on the ad does not match the expectation and context of the ad, then he will leave it

Preparing an attractive snippet or banner ad

The visitor must want to click on your ad or banner, and for this you need to compose them correctly

Promotion cost:


72 499 ₸


158 499 ₸



95 499 ₸

Order an advertising audit
by 27 parameters

Audit cost 34 550 tenge 25 500 tenge

This is a separate service and can be ordered separately from contextual advertising settings. This audit will help you determine the quality of your ad settings and assess the qualifications of your specialists.

Find out how much money you waste every month
Understand how you can increase targeted traffic to your website
Find out how many other customers are looking for your product but don't see your ad
Get a step-by-step action plan that will increase the effectiveness of your advertising by at least 2 times

Results of setting and maintenance:

Our certificates

What results will you get?

The first results are already
after 2-3 days after project launch

Over 200 projects that really work

We have a big work experience in highly competitive topics

Ads will be shown to those users who looking for your product (service)

We employ only experienced certified specialists

We will find and eliminate the causes of inefficiency your current advertising campaigns

Picture of the pages of the online store of paintings

Get a quotation and audit

Internet Marketing Tools:

Integrated Digital Marketing

Integrated Marketing from ArteFix. Marketing that makes money

From 500 000 ₸

contextual advertising

Yandex Direct. Google AdWords. We increase the conversion.

From 72 499 ₸

Marketing strategy

We analyze the niche and select the best tools for promotion.

От 545 000 ₸

SEO promotion

The right semantic core is the key to success!

От 152 800 ₸

Website development

ArteFix: This is where selling websites are born.

От 75 999 ₸

SMM Marketing

Development of an SMM promotion strategy to increase the reach of the target audience.

От 128 999 ₸

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