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SEO site optimization bison-kz.su

Seo optimization of the site for the sale of advertising materials

Client: BISON Co.

The date: 25.10.2017


A task: Make SEO optimization and increase traffic

Optimization results:

Solution: Made SEO optimization of the site.

Outcome: Increased site traffic by 2 times.

Term: 30-40 days

The date: September-October 2017

The site was originally on the SATU.kz platform and it is impossible to do full optimization. But you can focus on the semantic core and the development of landing pages.

We have assembled a semantic core consisting of approximately 40,000 queries. We cleaned up, grouped requests by pages and ordered texts that sell for categories and products.

We set the text, worked out the meta tag and checked the site again for correct formatting.

Bottom line: increase in site traffic by 2 times due to SEO promotion.

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