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Creation of a Landing Page for Glass PRO company - Digital agency Artefix

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Creating a Landing Page for Glass PRO

Client: Company Glass PRO

The date: 04.06.2018

Constructor: LPMotor


A task: Make a selling website with a call to make a purchase

Client briefing:

At the first stage, we compiled a series of questions that revealed all aspects of this company through a prototype. Also, offers were worked out (a special offer limited by time, from which customers are not able to refuse).

We started with a brief, which the Client filled out on his own. It disclosed information about the company, experience, directions, prospects and tasks.

The brief is the most important part of the project. Based on it, we create a website, and the client accepts the work.


Prototype of a site for the manufacture of cheap cabins
Prototype of a site for the manufacture of cheap cabins

Site prototype:

After filling out the brief, we started preparing the prototype. We tried to use the main advantages of the company, to lay the 10-year experience of the company.

Also, in the prototype, it was necessary to display all the options for the designs of shower cabins. We solved the problem by grouping types and combining them into a slider with automatic scrolling.


Design and stretch:

The site was developed in the LPMotor constructor. It is good for companies that are testing a niche, or that need applications right now. Therefore, we developed a landing page for a separate direction of the company "Shower cabins to order".


Website design with showers
Website design with showers


Solution: We formed offers, worked out the USP, pulled out the meanings and made a selling modern landing page.

Outcome: A clear selling landing page.

Term: about 5 days

The date: June 2018

Picture of the pages of the online store of paintings

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